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Turquoise Beads From Ancient Egypt

Archaeologists excavated the oldest Turquoise Jewelry known in the world at the cemetery of the royal tombs at Abydos? Turquoise bracelets in gold setting were among other items, found there and are now shown in the Cairo Museum. They are from approximately 5500 B.C.The Egyptians adored turquoise.  Some of beads made by the Egyptians these date back to 5500 B.C. Barrel beads and roundel beads are among other types of beads made by the Egyptians. These beads were mixed with obsidian, moss agate and glass beads.


Gold and silver coins are going high at antique auctions.

Demand for silver dollars remained strong, with a high grade set of 24 Peace Dollars, from 1921-1935 leading the way at $2,090. Two other silver dollar sets made a strong showing, with 20 1922 Peace Dollars, with mixed mint marks sold for $677; and 20 1921 Morgan Dollars, again with mixed mint marks, earned $742.

As at most coin auctions these days, gold was once again king, with a 1900 $20 Double Eagle gold coin selling for $1,815, with a 1904S $20 Double Eagle gold coin following closely at $1,787.

In other coinage, a Washington quarter set, dated 1932-1998, sold for $1,320; 200 Roosevelt silver dimes, $660; 29 1964 Kennedy Halves, UNC/BU, brought $341; and seven U.S. proof sets, 1954-1960, in a plastic case brought $577. Five 2-cent pieces, four of them dated 1864 and one dated 1865, also brought $730.

Paper currency included a $10 Gold Certificate 1928 series, rated very fine or better, brought $231; and two U.S. National Currency $1 large notes, comprised of a National 1914 series and a U.S. 1917 series, sold for $154.