Beautiful Coral Beads Of Edo Women – Hair Decor

 Edo is the name for the place, people and language of an ethnic group in Nigeria believed to be the descendants of the Benin Empire in modern day Nigeria. Many writers have put the origin of the Edo people as coming from Egypt while others believe the people of Edo originated from Ife, the heatland of Nigeria’s Yoruba.

The photos below show an Edo woman adorned with beautiful beads. Beads worn on the waist are common across Africa, however, beads worn as part of an elaborate hair do are less common. Lagos — The Oba of Bini Kingdom, Omo N’Oba Nedo Uku Akpolokpolo, Oba Erediauwa, recently gave out coral bead, a cherished cultural material in Bini Kingdom to Jackson Gaius-Obaseki in recognition of his service to Bini land.The coral bead called “Ikele” is an important material in Bini Kingdom up of Edo State. It signifies recognition, greatness, hard work to the extent that whosoever wears it is incapable of doing bad. Another significance of the bead is that it is only the Oba that can give it out to those who have achieved greatness not only in the Kingdom, but have made giant strides outside the Bini land.
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  1. hey
    i really like the edo beads,n i would like to have one for my hair,earing n a bracelate how can i get them n how would it coast?i like the second picture with the bracelate too,so i would like to have them in colourless please

  2. hey
    i really like the edo beads,mostly the second picture plus the bracelate.but i would love to have earings too but all in colourless.also the head bead and the bracelate both in colourless.

    so how can i find them,how much does everything coast?

  3. Wao. This must have taken ofrever to make. Really beautiful.

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