Gold and silver coins are going high at antique auctions.

Demand for silver dollars remained strong, with a high grade set of 24 Peace Dollars, from 1921-1935 leading the way at $2,090. Two other silver dollar sets made a strong showing, with 20 1922 Peace Dollars, with mixed mint marks sold for $677; and 20 1921 Morgan Dollars, again with mixed mint marks, earned $742.

As at most coin auctions these days, gold was once again king, with a 1900 $20 Double Eagle gold coin selling for $1,815, with a 1904S $20 Double Eagle gold coin following closely at $1,787.

In other coinage, a Washington quarter set, dated 1932-1998, sold for $1,320; 200 Roosevelt silver dimes, $660; 29 1964 Kennedy Halves, UNC/BU, brought $341; and seven U.S. proof sets, 1954-1960, in a plastic case brought $577. Five 2-cent pieces, four of them dated 1864 and one dated 1865, also brought $730.

Paper currency included a $10 Gold Certificate 1928 series, rated very fine or better, brought $231; and two U.S. National Currency $1 large notes, comprised of a National 1914 series and a U.S. 1917 series, sold for $154.


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